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MPP Fullerton releases Community Volunteer Roundtable Discussion Report

Merrilee Fullerton, MPP for Kanata-Carleton, released today the detailed report on her roundtable meeting with local volunteer organizations held on February 9, 2022. The public can attain a copy of the Community Volunteer Roundtable Discussion Report by contacting the MPP’s Community Office.

Merrilee Fullerton hosts volunteer roundtables as part of her Kanata-Carleton Community Volunteer Initiative. Fullerton explains,My objective when I began this initiative back in 2019 was to raise the level of awareness about the benefits that volunteering offers individuals. I hope to encourage greater volunteer engagement in our community and provide information to get residents involved with volunteer activities that interest them.”

“The roundtable discussions are a means to bring groups together to share experiences and ideas – and to strengthen our community volunteer network,” says MPP Fullerton.

The February 9th Community Volunteer Roundtable Discussion was the fourth in a series of roundtables hosted by the MPP. Dozens of local organizations have participated. The discussion reports are then distributed to more than 70 contacts representing over 50 volunteer organizations in Kanata and West Carleton.

MPP Fullerton comments, “My office has received positive feedback from community groups who are appreciative of the collective wisdom that is coming from these roundtable discussions.”

Commenting on the conversations in this 2022 report, Merrilee Fullerton observes, “This past year has shown us, once again, just how important “community” is to all of us. Human beings are social by nature. Social connections are very important for our well-being. So, it follows that organizations that facilitate connecting people in meaningful community work are very important.”

“On a personal level, volunteer groups provide the means for individuals to be connected to the community. They are at the core of important social interactions, helping connect us with like-minded people as well as the public.”

Fullerton adds, “In this way volunteer groups serve as the glue of our community.”

MPP Community Office Contact:

Thomas DeGroot / Chad Crew     613-599-3000

Constituency Assistant                  merrilee.fullerton@pc.ola.org