MPP Fullerton encourages all to exercise for good physical and mental health

November 18, 2022 – Dr. Merrilee Fullerton – family physician and Kanata-Carleton MPP – has re-launched a community initiative designed to encourage people to become more physically active. The family-doctor-turned-provincial-representative has a concern about the sedentary life most people lead and she wishes to raise awareness on the many health benefits of staying physically active.

MPP Fullerton explains, “With this initiative I want to convey the importance of physical activity by pointing out the multiple positive health benefits that lead to better physical, mental, and social wellbeing.”

On her website, the local MPP released two backgrounders today:  “Let’s Get Active” and “The Health Benefits of Walking.” One backgrounder encourages youth to get active in sports and recreational activities so they will develop healthy lifelong habits regarding physical activity. The second backgrounder extols the benefits of walking and encourages residents, particularly seniors, to begin a daily walking routine.

“Throughout my career in medicine, I have always stressed the significance of physical activity as the essential element to a person’s good health,” says MPP Fullerton. “Being active is important for young people whose bodies and minds are developing. Physical activity strengthens the body and mind. This is more significant today than at any time in our history because of our sedentary lifestyles and computer culture.”

“People of all ages should establish a routine of daily activity to keep our bodies moving,” says MPP Fullerton. “Walking is a perfect exercise. It is good for your cardiovascular health. It can help with maintaining weight and alleviating stress. It can improve the quality of your sleep. A good walk can improve your day.”

Fullerton adds, “This may be harder through the winter months, but I encourage everyone to get outdoors and take a daily walk at the very least.”

Today’s announcement is part of an ongoing effort by MPP Fullerton to inform her constituents of the many health benefits of routine physical activity.

Fullerton launched her community awareness program to get youth active in sports and recreational activities in March 2020. That summer, Fullerton issued a 75-day activity challenge for all residents of Kanata and West Carleton.

In Fall 2021, the MPP reached out to seniors groups with information on the benefits of walking. Through 2022 Fullerton has been promoting the health benefits of an active lifestyle.  

Let’s Get Active” presents 12 positive outcomes that physical activity has for young people. The document also provides background resources for further inquiry. Read the MPP’s paper here.

“The Benefits of Walking” is a compilation of insightful articles providing information on the health benefits of a daily walking routine. Read the MPP’s paper here.