Shop Local and Support Our Community

“I ask everyone to please consider supporting our local business community.

Merrilee Fullerton, MPP

Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, Kanata-Carleton MPP, asks Ottawa residents to support their local business community. The MPP is requesting that people consider shopping at local retailers and contracting local services and trades.

MPP Fullerton’s message is straightforward: Shop Local and Support Our Community.

“I ask everyone to make a conscious effort to support our local business community,” says the MPP. “Please think twice about your purchases and shop at local retailers. Think about giving a gift certificate to one of our wonderful eating establishments or our many local attractions. If you are looking for a service or trade, hire a neighbourhood business.”

“In supporting local businesses you are supporting our community,” and Fullerton adds, “Shopping locally provides employment for Kanata and West Carleton residents, carries the expenses of the store, and your money remains in the community.”

Fullerton also suggests, “Consider shopping from our local retailers when making your on-line purchases. There are a number of on-line directories where you can find local stores.”

(A list of directories can be found below.)

MPP Fullerton is promoting the “Shop Local” campaign in her MPP Facebook page and Twitter feed.

The MPP also works with the business networks of Kanata Central, Carp Road Corridor and Carp BIAs, the Kanata North Business Association, and the Ottawa Board of Trade to support their local awareness efforts.

On-line information for consumers looking to “Shop Local.”

Kanata Central Online Directory:

Carp BIA Facebook Page:

Kanata North Online Store:

City of Ottawa: Buy Local page –